There’s something about Christmas time…

I went to the mall yesterday, for the first time in like ever. It seemed like a foreign place to me with all the hustle and bustle of people everywhere. It was actually overwhelming, not going to lie. I always found the transition from UBC back to my hometown really “odd”. I feel like I “belong” better at UBC, but that makes no sense to me since my roots are in my hometown and it’s a homey place to be! I guess it also has to do with the age population at UBC compared to the one in my town.. but whatever, I’m not going to go rambling on about that. I also decided that I really want an iPad, I didn’t think I would ever catch myself saying that, but sometimes some things change your opinions about certain things. šŸ˜€
Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, the world didn’t end like 10 hours ago. If you want proof, I am writing this post at approximately 1:04 p.m. Pacific Time on December 21. Guess the Mayans screwed up. WHOOPS. Or maybe they were trolling us the whole time..guess we’ll never know. I’ll give it until the 23rd to see what happens.
SO. RIGHT. It’s almost Christmas, 4 days away to be exact. What does that entail? Christmas dinners, and what does THAT entail? WELL. That entails questions such as “So what are you going to do with your major?”, “You go to UBC? WOW!”, “Do you want to go to med school?”, “What are you planning on becoming?” etc etc etc, you get the picture. side note: it’s snowing right now where I am. WEEIRD. Anyway, I have always hated questions regarding what I’m going to do with my future. I actually full well know what I want to do(for the most part) and I even have a backup option. BUT, I just don’t like being asked what I plan on doing in the future, can we just stick to the now? Please? Kay, thanks.


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