Let the chaos commence!

What’s all that white fluffy cold stuff on the ground? OH RIGHT. That’s called snow. A rather rare form of precipitation in this part of Canada. What does that entail? UBC shutting down in its entirety. That’s right, 12pm, 3:30pm, and 7:00pm exams all got canceled  and are now rescheduled for January 6th – if you need more information, I’m sure you’ve probably figured out details if it regards you. Then the new Port Mann bridge got closed due to “ice bombs” falling from the billion dollar bridge and smashing windshields and causing injuries. The design on that one was thought through rather well, but to be fair, snow is rare around here, so I can see why they didn’t think that one through thoroughly enough. I’m not sure if I feel sorry for the people that had their exams canceled, or if I just feel bad for them….would I want to be studying over my Christmas break…? I dunno, that’s a tough one, well not really, since my answer is no. Then again, if you had all that time, it should guarantee you a good mark for when you write it in January – I suppose it all depends on what course it is, but  I’d rather get it over with than have to fret about it over break when I could be doing NOTHING. But I do feel bad for people that are trying to fly back home for the holidays – flight delays are NEVER fun, but now it’s like a Christmas movie, right? No? Maybe? It’s been snowing straight for 12 hours now…that’s pretty great, and this is probably the closest that we will get to having a White Christmas (sorry to be a downer, but I just speak the truth). Also, they started releasing marks on the SSC as of last night….sooo read it and weep, or drink or whatever the hell you wanna do after you read it. Congratulations if you’re really happy with them and don’t be too harsh on yourself if you come across some disappointments. We all learn from our mistakes and we have to learn to accept the way things happen and move on(easier said than done, but I mean it).  



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