First term, second year – CHECK PLEASE.

 It’s been too long! I did NOT think I would be able to go for so long without blogging, but apparently I can. Who knew? But alas, I am back. I had my last exam of the term today and it went pretty okay for the most part in my opinion. It was rather long, but it was doable(I think – watch me be completely wrong). The past few weeks have been pretty hectic/stressful for me(mainly why I’ve been lagging with the whole blogging thing), both on an academic and emotional level, I suppose mainly emotional, which was reflected on my academics, but it’s all good now. We all have those emotionally low moments in our lives, but we just have to pick ourselves up and glue back the pieces. This Christmas break was muchly needed and now I just get to relax and do nothing all day, erryday. I also need to catch up on sleep. Campus wide power outage at UBC last night/early morning – why was I even awake?! I randomly woke up in the middle of the night and saw my phone light up with a text message and my friend said that there was a campus wide power outage, I was very confused, then I looked at my clock and saw that it was off and then I realized she was serious. I then texted my mom at 4 in the morning and told her to call me in the morning since my alarm wasn’t working due to the outage..and what do you know, she texts me literally 5 minutes later in the weeeeee hours of the morning. That’s a faster response than when I text her during the daytime! It also apparently snowed in the middle of the night….but I only saw an accumulation of white fluffy stuff on one side of campus, which was on the way to my final exam.
Normal people:
Power outage = darkness = sleepy bye time.
Power outage = darkness = wide awake and alert and ready to grab a machete and fight all the zombies lurking around campus + texting my friends that are awake and freaking out with them. 
I genuinely felt bad for the people with morning exams, mine was only at 12 so it wasn’t terrible. Although, I must say, brushing my teeth with my phone flashlight was just annoying. My unit felt like a cold, dark cave.
Lo and behold, I am home for the holidays and all I want to do is relax, relax, relax, and I shall see UBC in 2013. 



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