And that’s a wrap.

WELL. First term is officially over. Didn’t think it would all go by so fast, but it did. This past week definitely wasn’t a breeze, it was rather stressful, as will be next week *sigh*. I’m not entirely sure how ready I am for finals..but if I’m honest, I’d say I’m not ready at all, and it kind of scares me. I remember when I was saying how there were 4 weeks until my O-Chem final, and then 3, and then 2, and now we’re at a week and a day from it – when did that happen..*insert nervous laughter* Anywho, those drunk engineers are at it again, parading through classrooms singing Christmas carols and whatever else comes to mind. I remember last year when they paraded through my first year Chem class – back then, everyone took out their phones and cameras and started recording it and taking pictures and ended up applauding at the end; this year in my class, everyone just kind of stared at them with blank expressions – no one pulled out any type of recording device. I think they were a lot more drunk this year than last year, recalling from my memory. Last year they seemed a lot more “graceful”(as graceful as drunk engineers can get), this year they basically staggered and stumbled into our lecture, I was surprised no one fell. The one thing I look forward to about the last classes of each term are basically the applause at the end of each class – I don’t know why, it’s just my favourite part, I’m a dork, I know.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” – we’ll see who’s all smiling once finals are over. G-LUCK UBC.



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