And they’re slooowwllyyy approaching.

What’s this ‘they’ I speak of? Well, FINALS of course! DUH. After all, we only have a week’s worth of classes left until the term is over, over, over, over (the repetition is supposed to have that whole dramatic effect) . I hate being that girl that’s all like, “OMG, it’s the end of term, WHERE DID THE TERM GO!?!” but I’m going to say it anyway, and be that girl. AAANNDDD as the term is coming to an end, students begin to have that whole surge of panic run through their body, that concerning feeling of whether they’re actually going to pass the courses they’re taking..or whether they just screwed themselves over by not giving a shit throughout the term – or maybe you DID give a shit and yet resulted in not so hot marks. Then that question pops up, that question of desperation that runs through your mind because it gives you HOPE...”does this course get scaled?” I’m not going out on a limb bringing this up, I’ve received enough search results that refuse to consider my “assumptions” as false – PLUS, I’ve been in that situation before., as most people have. The cliche response is to just do well throughout the term and then you won’t have to worry about whether it gets scaled or not. OR just rock those finals, LIKE A BOSS. Final exams are usually A LOT “easier” than midterms, in most classes – except when the midterm marks are super high and then they have to lower the average with a not-so-easy final.Worry more about doing WELL on the final rather than fretting over whether they’ll adjust the final marks. Many people say that your final mark is never the raw grade that you actually received – ‘cuz really, no one knows what happens, students write the exams, and then the profs/TAs mark the exams and then talk it over with the department so that they can finalize/approve it before profs enter the mark permanently onto your transcript. Depending on what the department says, the marks can go up or down. Based on the search results, the main ones that have been asked about are Chem 121(not surprised), Math 100(not surprised about this one either), Physics 101, Bio 112, English 112+110, and Psych 101.
Chem 121 – I honestly have NO IDEA if this gets scaled or not(maybe?), the Chem department’s an interesting one….but from my foggy memory, the final was MUCH easier and straightforward than any of the midterms – so if you did poorly on the midterms and need to redeem yourself, that is very much doable. 
Math 100 – Most definitely this one gets scaled in the end(usually, anyway). And from last year’s experience with this course, I know that I definitely scored better on the final than either midterm. 
Physics 101 – Once again, no idea, maybe? 
Bio 112 – I’m almost positive that there was SOME scaling on this final last year, the teaching team found some “unfair” questions(AFTER students had written the exam), and ended up making the final exam out of 4 marks less than intended — so that’s kinda like minor scaling right?
English 110 + 112 – I doubt there’s scaling in this, if there’s any scaling involved, it’s probably to keep the average around  the department’s approved average. 
Psych 101 – I really doubt Psych gets scaled, the department usually likes to keep their mark around a ~67-68% average. In saying that, scaling DOWN has happened — scaling down = bad. students no likey that. 

All in all, most students that are around the marginal fail range going into the final, end up passing the course(most of the time). Just try hard and study and stuff…and ..yeah.. GOOD LUCK. 



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