That Familiar Feeling…Gone?

This time of year is normally what I would consider my “favourite” time of year….but it’s slowly dropping from that. I absolutely LOVE Christmas and all the festivities, the spirit,  and the hustle and bustle that come with the season, but ever since last year, when I first came to UBC, I realized how lacking this campus is with all that… This makes me miss high school; the decorated hallways, wrapping paper covered lockers, snowflakes and christmas ornaments hanging from the ceilings, mini Christmas trees in classrooms, the lights around the windows and chalkboards, all the cheap tinsel lying around on the stairs and hallway, Secret Santa, the Christmas music teachers would play in classes, the Christmas movies we’d watch in class instead of doing actual school work, the school Christmas concert, the school Christmas play, the intense intraschool competitions to collect cans for the Salvation Army food bank, the last day of school before break when classes would build Christmas themed sculptures with all the cans they collected, Christmas karaoke, and there’s so much more….and I miss it all! The competitiveness between classes to bring in cans was CRAZY but so AWESOME! The younger kids had the whole “cuteness” factor going for them, who WOULDN’T give a cute little dewey eye kid cans when they went door to door asking for non-perishable food items for the food bank? Us older kids had jobs….which meant money…so we just BOUGHT our way into winning these competitions, if one could only fathom how much money was spent on non-perishable food items by the grade 12s in my grad year…but it was all for a good cause. What was the “prize” for collecting the most cans? Pizza party + a day off of school to go sort cans at the food bank in the new year – best thing ever, seriously. 
Anyway, back to UBC…I realize that there’s the whole controversy about how Christmas is technically “Christian” centred, but seriously, does that mean we can’t be in the festive “holiday” season? 😦 This time of year really shouldn’t be treated like any other time of year – it’s special. That familiar feeling of happiness from the festive season has almost disappeared….Christmas is just over a month away, yet I don’t feel any of that “special something” in the air. Starbucks red cups are as close as it gets for now apparently. November-December is more than just drowning in the academic slough of finals – the holiday spirit would really cheer up people. I don’t want to go home after finals and have Christmas just hit me in the face, it’s supposed to be a gradual thing that builds up….sssllloooowwwllyy, you know? 


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