Seeking Light From the Darkness.

One thing I strongly dislike is being kept in the dark about something that actually matters. Being away from home at university sometimes sucks because people back “home” can keep things from you. I don’t want to be “angry” but I DO feel rather “hurt” for not being informed. It’s almost embarrassing to know that you thought everything was fine and just like how it used to be, but no, things are different, they’ve changed, and never again will be the same. This makes me feel homesick. The fact that I couldn’t be there as an open ear for someone that I truly love. Things that were once close to you, feel distant. I have minimal tolerance for change and that unfamiliar “distant feeling”. I don’t want to feel distant from the people I care about, I want to know what’s going on and would rather have some light shed on the situation than kept in the dark, or get told by a third party about the situation.  I’m sick of guessing and would rather have the cold, hard facts said straight up. 



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