Chem 233 midterm…4 days away. How ready am I? ………*awkward silence*…..*crickets chirping*….. but that’s OKAY! I can TOTALLY learn a month..or two months.. worth of O-Chem in 4 days, right? Or I’ll just pretend I can. Well, I can do substitution reactions like a boss…that’s getting somewhere. I couldn’t even name a single person that’s confident about this exam – mad props to all the third years that made it through this hell course, I wanna be just like you. (Y) On the bright side…I enjoyed the extra hour I had today…definitely made use of that hour….I think. My friend and I found a HUUUUUUGE puddle in front of CIRS today..it was AWESOME. It was basically a pond…the whole road was practically flooded in that area…almost a foot deep. When Raincouver gives you puddles, you gotta go jump in them. Seriously though, we HAD to go walk around(jump)  in it…I thought I was a duck and started splashing around…then the splashes were way too big..and I ended up with water in my boots…. wet socks – ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. I can’t handle that.  We spent a good 10 minutes splashing around in it — nothing wrong with 19 year-olds splashing around in a massive puddle at 10 pm, riiightt? 😀 People that were walking by MAY have given us a double take considering how absurd we looked…but we didn’t really care. 😀



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