Just Shaking Things Up….

Earthquakes on one side of the continent and a massive superstorm on the other. PERFECT. 7.7 is pretty cray, thank goodness it didn’t cause any damage, or a tsunami, considering a tsunami watch was in place. The people on the east coast seemed more concerned than the west coasters..but yo, east coasters, you have a massive superstorm that’s about to drown you all, so don’t worry about us! All I can say is that I would hope that that earthquake was the “big one”(but it’s not)…and now I’d like to move on with my life….which consists of studying O-Chem….and potentially modifying a super crappily done Bio 200 paper that’s due tomorrow.  But in my defence…my Bio 200 topic wasn’t all that great..and it was difficult to find proper information to write the paper. 



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