Thought Overload.

Rambly, choppy post time. I think there’s something wrong with me. I’m not sure what. I just haven’t been able to concentrate properly on anything school related since the beginning of the week. I don’t even know WHY. My mind is in a completely different place. >:|  It’s not like I feel upset, or sad, or “depressed”, or anything like that – I’m rather happy to be honest, maybe a bit too happy. It’s not like I have a proper reason for being excessively happy, my emotions have just been ranging from neutral – extremely happy. I think I’ve been “reminiscing” a lot recently. The last few months have probably been the most “emotional” and somewhat “challenging” few months of my life so far, for several reasons. I suppose some of it was more like a learning experience and it has clearly affected me in ways that I thought it wouldn’t affect me.  I’m  surprised that I got through it all in the way that I did, considering the fact that I felt like I ran into several dead ends. I guess that shows that there’s hope in everything. But as for now… I’m actually confused, I’m in one of those circumstances when one’s heart and head want two different things… oh the can of worms THAT can open up. 

sidenote. Shia Labeouf came to UBC, exactly a year ago. 
soo…annywaaay…..hmm…..I’m ready for Christmas break.


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