It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This…

Bullying. Something I have zero tolerance for. October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month…shouldn’t EVERY month be ‘Bullying Prevention Awareness Month’ ? One month in a year isn’t enough for emphasis on bullying to be shown. Many of you are probably now aware of the story of Amanda Todd, a young girl that found her escape from a terrible reality by taking her own life. Amanda Todd – Vancouver Sun  This is extremely devastating, but we can’t wait for tragic things like this to happen in order to be aware of the bullying in our society. They say “it’s never too late”, this is true, but in this individual case, it was too late. This is the most heart breaking story I have heard in a long time. How alone and in pain must this girl have been to take her life? Death was the only escape path in her mind. Looking at pictures, on the outside she looked like any other teenage girl, but inside she was broken, alone, and living in fear. She made that video of her story to inspire people; she has truly impacted everyone around her. She was only fifteen years-old, she had her whole life ahead of her. Isn’t there something wrong with the picture? How can people be so cruel as to lead someone to commit suicide?
Who needs weapons when words have the power to kill? Almost everyone goes through some form of bullying at some point in their lives. There are extreme cases, and less extreme cases, but nonetheless, bullying, is bullying. I personally can say that I’ve had my own dish of ‘bullying’ served to me, but it’s about shaking it off and looking forward and thinking about what great things are to come in the future. Press forward, the prize is worth it. In a race, you can’t turn back once you’ve started, you have to push forward and make it to the finish line. That feeling you get once you’ve crossed the finish line – words can’t even explain it, but it feels good. Sometimes you don’t realize that you’ve been through rough times until things get better. We can all watch things happening and sympathize, but how many of us go out and do something about it? What CAN we do? Can we afford to lose people due to such reasons? Do we realize how easily these kind of things could be prevented? We can sit in our seats and feel bad, but we have to be proactive. Be there for people when they need someone. There’s always hope, never deprive someone of hope. There’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. Breaking free from those chains of bullying will bring you great freedom. Middle/High School are difficult times for many teenagers, but why does it have to be like that? What happens in high school, should stay in high school; once you graduate, it’s all over – high school is old news. Live the life you’ve been given, while you can. We are all beautiful people trying to find a place in this world. No one deserves to be a victim of bullying. We deserve to enjoy the life we’ve been given and to make the best out of it, regardless of what other people’s intentions are. When you show that you’re fearless, people will back away. There are always people out there to listen to what you have to say, people that you don’t even know, care. There are 7 billion people in this world, don’t think that you’re ever alone. Give people a chance to reach out to you. Bullying isn’t something that should slip through the cracks. Pay attention to the people around you, spread the word, and stand up. 
RIP Amanda Todd – the hearts your story has touched – more than you ever thought. 



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