Frustration. Frustration. Frustration.

Don’t you just hate it when you let frustration rub off on you when it’s surrounding you? It’s like a plague of some sort. You try your best to stay away..and just when you think you’ve succeeded, you realize you actually failed. This is how I felt today. Way too much negative energy going on. I woke up feeling just ‘dandy’ – yes, dandy – I promise to never use this word ever again(or maybe I can’t promise that). Anyway, I was full swing ready to get on with my life this morning, I was especially thrilled because today marked the day of my first university class that had been canceled. :’) Yes, it took a whole year for a cancelation to take place. *Taking it all in*. Moving on….halfway through the day..all this negative energy hit me(caused by people)…and at first, I just shook it off and didn’t let it bother me…then a couple hours later…it slowly started to creep onto me, and BAM, I was infected with frustration. Ruined a perfectly good day. 

For anyone that cares, this is the “evolution” of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. If you haven’t watched Inception, or 500 Days of Summer…please go do that NOW. The gif may not be working in my post right now….sooooo you may have to actually click on it.. 


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