Can It Be Friday Already? Please.

I’m basically drowning in Organic Chem right now. I’m basically turning into a semi-social hermit (oxymoronic? yes)..basically I talk to my friends that are in my classes and hang out with them and study with them, and almost semi-ignore(that’s a harsh word) everyone else…except a couple people — that probably made no sense. Anyway, there are so many Sapling questions to do, it’s insane. I love the fact that they’re giving us so many questions(not complaining), but I wish the due dates were a bit farther away from each other…just my opinion. Most of the stuff we’re doing right now is review from Chem 123, but I honestly didn’t learn as much of the organic part as I should have, last year….so that’s a tad bit annoying. Plus, the midterm is a week away…YAY. My first midterm WOULD be my “hardest” course. I feel like I’m neglecting all my other subjects because of O-Chem – mistake. Random suggestion – if you have the chance to take Chem 233 in the summer session – I would STRONGLY encourage it, you can do SOO much better if you’re just doing one course, and Chem 233 is a course that needs a lot of attention. Everyone that I know that did Chem 233 in the summer did exceptionally well, so give it a thought. I’m also slightly behind with writing my research proposal for English…..whoops. On the bright side….I had the most productive one and a half hours of my life today(those moments you impress yourself are definitely ones that should be cherished forever)….and tomorrow is FRIDAY. There definitely needs to be more Fridays in a week – but that would probably potentially bring up some major decrease in liver functionality in the student population. Alsooo, I feel like the walking paths are getting narrower and narrower each day with construction fences being moved around….and the sprinklers actually spray people – that’s a problem. And don’t forget to check out the pretty rad song below.

getting through the school week. (click gif for source)




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