UBC ResNet – what up?

I felt like this was appropriate, regarding the on and off crash of ResNet from Sunday night until this afternoon. 


7 thoughts on “UBC ResNet – what up?

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  2. love your blog 🙂 I just started at UBC Engineering this September and before i came i read through like every post, im such a creep… I agree with this, how can the internet go down on a university campus where everything is done online… so frustrating!

    • AWWWWW *majorly blushing*. thank you, thank you! :”) creeps like you – make my life! it definitely is frustrating, especially when there are online assignments due by midnight, on sunday… haha. you’re a brave soul doing engineering, props to you, I hope you’re liking ubc and your first year so far, despite the resnet crash and all the construction! 🙂


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