One of Those Dumb Days

I woke up at a ridiculously early time this morning. And went to bed late. Total amount of sleep in the last two nights: 9.5-10.5 hours..aka..not enough – exams haven’t even STARTED! 😥 I can barely keep my eyes open right now…I’ve reached a point that goes beyond sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation leads to me doing dumb things.
#1 – I woke up, rolled over, and fell off of my bed. That definitely woke me up. Great start to the morning, really. 
#2 – Completely zoned out in both my classes today. I literally have no idea what happened, it probably wouldn’t have made a difference if I hadn’t shown up for class.
#3- Tried to troll someone via text and then ended up sending texts to the wrong person, making things “awkward”.
#4 -Took a rather long route to get to my residence from the SUB(something that should have taken maybe 8 minutes, ended up taking 20)…I ended up going in a circle, for no apparent reason.
#5- I learned that I couldn’t drink(no not alcohol) and walk at the same time, and looked like an idiot TRYING to accomplish that huge feat.
#6 – Opened the door to get into my residence, looked back and saw someone behind me, closed the door and kept walking….30 seconds later, I realized that I had basically shut the door on someone…so I walked back and opened it for that person, the person clearly thought I was nuts.
#7 – Somehow managed to get soap in my mouth.
#8 – Practically ignored almost everyone that was talking to me today because I was completely zoning people out.
#9- Managed to burn food in the microwave, which is just really dumb in general.
#10 – Homework-wise, I’ve accomplished next to nothing.
#11- A strange bug just bit me. I hate bugs. 

 They aren’t that dumb. But I feel dumb. I just need sleep. I’ve been too busy. I need a hug. Time for comfort food.

Life’s Little Instruction Book – ‘When you see someone sitting alone on a bench, make it a point to speak to them’. 



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