Second Year Rambles (could potentially come across as pointless)

Yes, this is a topic in itself. You wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy and all because when you look out the window, the weather looks amazing(blue sky, sun, etc), but then you go outside, and then you FREEZE. Then you step into a lecture, five minutes later, you’re sweating. Do they just turn up the heaters in every lecture hall and classroom?! If you haven’t experienced this, you wouldn’t understand how irritating it is. And don’t even get me started on the rain….when the sky spontaneously decides to cloud over and then starts sprinkling water on you. All in all, figuring out what to wear(being all weather appropriate and stuff) is quite the difficult task for a UBC student….or maybe it’s just me. 

Is that really that shallow of me to say? I don’t think so. I’m a girl, and I die a little inside when I see a pretty boy. Trust me, that’s PERFECTLY normal. In a campus this heavily populated, you’re bound to find a couple to ogle(is that right?) at. If you need advice on how to approach a cute guy in a lecture, don’t ask me, seriously, just don’t. I’m the type that admires with a great distance in between. That’s the way I like it. Hehe. :$ Yes, I’m a creep, I confess. At least I’m being honest – do you know HOW many girls feel the same way? You’d run out of fingers(and toes) if you stopped to count, yeah, that’s how many. 

I’m probably “insulting” like half of this campus(maybe my friends included), but I don’t really care, I love you all though. Please girls, don’t wear leggings as pants if your shirt doesn’t cover your butt. I understand how comfortable leggings are, but please, just wear a longer shirt. If the temperature is higher than 20 degrees Celsius…you don’t wear UGGS. That’s a no no. 

I’m really happy that you found the “love of your life” in this huge sea of fish, but do you really need to stop and make out and feel the other up right in front of me? I have a class to get to. GET A ROOM. inappropriate. 

I’m convinced that there needs to be a separate lane or something for people that text while walking. If you haven’t noticed, the walking paths have already been reduced to a quarter of the size due to construction. SO, don’t walk like a sluggish snail while texting. Unlike you, I have places to be, and apparently no friends to text(or maybe I just WAIT to text them instead of in between the rush of getting to class) so that I can hold up all the people walking behind me. 😛

Demolishing the campus and “beautifying” it – brilliant idea. Siigh. This construction sure makes the campus look kinda ugly. Just kidding, even with the construction UBC can never look ugly. But then SFU on the other hand……I would beg to differ. Oh burn. It’s like you’re living in a maze. A real life maze, whoa whoa whoa. You wake up…then on the way to class BAM “where did that construction fence come from?!” – each day. Some of us already have enough difficulty getting to our morning classes without the help of random construction fences detouring us all day erryday. 

So from what I’ve heard, the faculty of Science has transferred over from Vista to Connect….so all my Arts courses are on Vista. It is extremely annoying to go back and forth between the two, especially since I have more courses on Connect…I just tend to forget about the existence of Vista. Vista is “old” and Connect is “new” … the change is difficult to get used to since the layout of Connect is indeed DIFFERENT than that of Vista. Vista was much more simpler, and Connect, well….it’s different. I feel like Connect just has a bunch of links for everything, whereas with Vista everything was right there. Sometimes simple is better. 

I could really go on some wild tangent right now. Maybe I need to vent? Probably. Do I want to vent to any of my friends? Probably not. I’d much rather vent to some random stranger than someone that I already know – true story.


7 thoughts on “Second Year Rambles (could potentially come across as pointless)

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