More On First Week..

It’s Sunday evening, or well night, I suppose. That time of the weekend that everyone DREADS, yeah, that time is now. We have the perfect weather(by perfect I mean typical Vancouver weather – rain) to go with the dreary, dreadful time of the weekend. It’s just the full package. LOVELY. Second year FEELS different from first year, some of you would probably think, “well, no sh*t.” So blunt. But really, it feels different. I remember in first year, there were times when it just felt weird to be a first year student, I felt like I was supposed to be in grade 12 – but that changed quickly, considering the fact that I was ready for a new chapter of my life to begin. NOW, it just feels like first year was just so “last year”…well, duh. I just feel like I have moved past the whole first year thing, and I’m just cruising along with second year. How is second year different from first year? Well, I feel like the course load just got heavier, so much reading to do and all that, hard to keep up with it. I really appreciate the fact that we get so many practice questions to do(especially with Chem 233), but really, the amount just seems so overwhelming that I don’t even know WHERE to start! I really enjoyed the three days I was on campus before school started, when I had no worries about anything related to academics, just being my carefree self…and then BAM all this work came from nowhere…HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN. One second I have nothing to do, next second, an overwhelming amount of work for first week. Maybe it’s actually not an overwhelming amount and I’ve just become accustomed to doing next to nothing for the past few months...COULD BE! I think I’m just psyching myself out and scared of falling behind in my classes before they even really properly start. 



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