So Much Going On + First Day Of Classes!

It’s been a crazy few days since I’ve been here, but crazy can be a GOOD thing, and enjoyable! The weather has been absolutely amazing, which lets you do stuff outside, and it’s been great! I have seen SOO many people that I know, it’s such a great feeling running into familiar faces. :’) Today was the first day of classes and so far it seems pretty good; although I started to zone out halfway through my Chem 233 class, which was first thing in the morning. Zoning out in Chem 233 is NOT a good sign, I am fully aware of that, sooo I need to do something about that so that I can actually focus and do well in that class. OH boy. There’s also tons of construction on campus, but I don’t know how much that bothers me anymore, since I basically EXPECT there to be construction on campus…sigh. So far the biggest problem that I have encountered is buying books at the bookstore, I can barely fathom how packed it is in there. You don’t even have room to breathe. It’s terrible. First years, ya’ll need to get out of the way and let me buy the textbooks that I need to buy. Thank you. 


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