Mixed Feelings, Uhh

One part of me just SCREAMS excitement for going back to university, the other longs to stay home and relax – but as I said before, university calls. I’ll miss my  summer sleeping schedule, it was just so relaxing. I don’t even know how I handled the lack of adequate sleep thing last year. I’ll admit that in first term I was QUITE disciplined, then it just went COMPLETELY downhill in term two. I should probably have some self-discipline this year with that….or else I might lose my sanity, implying that I have some sanity left in me after first year. I’m pretty excited to meet my new roommates, hopefully they’re cool, ‘cuz I like cool people. Cool people and I, we’re just cool, you know? Now that I’ve overused, misused, and abused the word ‘cool’, let’s move on. I have actually started to make progress with packing, didn’t think I would, but I surprised myself. Go me. The forecast predicts that the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny, which is so exciting to hear! 😀

The music video for Taylor Swift’s new song ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ came out yesterday, almost every website I looked at had it blocked for my region, which was pretty lame, but I eventually ended up finding one that worked. The video was taken in one take, so it’s quite simple looking, but it’s not TOO bad. They definitely could have done something more with it, but they didn’t, it’s okay. It definitely is “different” just like the song. There’s just something about the video that just makes you like it, just like the song. 



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