Stressful Days..So Much To Do, So Little Time.

I’m still procrastinating with packing.. I feel like I need a couple days to THINK about packing, and to think about how I SHOULD be packing, and then after that I need a day or two to figure out WHAT exactly to pack, and the days go on and no packing gets done. :S OOPS. It’ll get done when the time comes, I managed last year, didn’t I? 😛 But I swear, every time I come up to my room with the intention of getting SOME packing done,  I always somehow manage to get distracted….my bad. These past few days have been rather stressful trying to figure out last minute things and it’s just hard to stay organized with so much going on; my mind is completely scattered. I wasn’t totally set on selling my textbooks from last year, but then on a limb I decided I might as well, may as well get some money for it(to help pay for this year’s texts, right?). I’m selling 4 of my textbooks from last year, this term, and to 4 different people…so I have to set aside time to meet up with those 4 people at some point during first week. Then I’m also buying two books from two other people during the first week, one which is off campus…major time crunch. I actually probably wouldn’t have bothered with the off campus one…but considering the fact that the original price of the text is somewhere around $200….I’m getting it for a really decent price, and it’s one of those textbooks that isn’t very common among people that are selling texts.
ANYWHO, I’m stoked to get back to UBC, although my mind will still be in “summer mode” for most of September…as long as it returns to “university mode” by the time midterms start, it’s all good. 🙂



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