4 More Days…Let The Packing Commence!

It blows my mind as to how fast summer can go by. I am moving back to UBC in 4 days….and then before I know it, it will be April, and second year will be done. Time flies so fast. This year will be amazing, I just know it. I will miss being a first year, but now I’m a second year, so now I know my sh*t and stuff… ha-ha. I really don’t. I can’t wait to meet new people, experience new things, and conquer another academic year! 😀 The part that sucks is packing..I don’t like packing, mainly why I procrastinate and leave it to the last minute, but usually that means I’ll probably end up forgetting something that is rather important. Along with packing comes doing loads of laundry, since I like to keep doing laundry to a minimum when I’m AT university(don’t worry, I still do my laundry when I need to), it’s such a pain, so whenever I come home, I do tons of laundry. I should probably make an actual list of things that I want to bring to university, since everything that I think I need is basically scattered all around my room. My room becomes such a mess whenever I need to pack for something. And then figuring out what clothes to bring is also a pain because of Vancouver and it’s bipolar weather. SO glad that I can come home on weekends if I need something, perks of living somewhat close to Vancouver. 


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