School Supplies for University…what?

Classes start soon….just over 2 weeks, crazy! Jumpstart at UBC has just started and lots of freshmen have arrived in the city/on campus! I remember last year when my friend and I were just over the top excited to start at UBC, and trust me, the first year experience definitely lived up to the expectation of the excitement!
So anyway, school supplies…school supply shopping was probably my favourite aspect of back to school shopping, mainly since I didn’t really shop for a whole new extravagant wardrobe Β for school since my school had uniforms(they really don’t suck that much). I was looking through flyers the other day and saw all the new supplies for school, on sale. :”) So what exactly do university students need for supplies? I’ll tell you what I used last year, I found that everything I had bought definitely came to good use:Β 

  • A laptop…is almost a must for university, it is a pain to have to use a computer at the library or something when you need to use it…sooo yeah.
  • Printers – definitely a good idea and CONVENIENT to have your own printer, when you have a 15 page paper to print out, last minute on the night before it’s due…you don’t want to run to the library for this.
  • Pens and pencils and erasers – basic writing utensils + something to put them in, like a pencil case. You don’t want to ask to borrow these during class or during your midterm. I remember in first term, for my Psych midterm, someone asked me for a pencil, and I didn’t want to say I obviously gave them a pencil. Well, I finished my midterm before her….and needed to get to my next class…never saw her, or my pencil ever again. But it was okay, I gave her a crappy pencil anyway(it worked and everything, but I never really liked it).
  • Notebooks…basically had one for every class. EXTREMELY useful for taking notes and such and lightweight to carry around with you. I am a pen and paper kind of person so I don’t really like to use my laptop for note taking in class…plus some courses don’t allow laptop usage in class. Biology 112 and Chemistry 121, you weren’t allowed to use laptops in class, I forget what the rules for Chem 123 were though….but for Chem I find it more practical and convenient to just use pen and paper. Although, I did find taking notes on my laptop VERY useful for English prof talked A LOT, and of course I can type MUCH faster than I can write.
  • Ruler – for drawing straight lines and stuff….plus you need them for graphing and things like that in some classes.
  • Binders – good for storage + some courses require Powerpoint slide print outs (like Bio 112).
  • Lined/blank paper/graph paper — to like, write on and stuff.. πŸ˜›
  • Calculator – some courses do require you to use a certain type of calculator for quizzes/exams – you’ll be informed if that’s the case.
  • Stapler – I thought it was good to have around
  • Hole puncher – my floormates in residence used it WAAAAAY more than me…still useful, I guess.
  • Duotangs – I mainly used pocket folders in first term to stick handouts in. I didn’t do this, but some people use duotangs with paper for taking notes in class.
  • Clipboard – lots of people find it really convenient to use a clipboard with paper for note taking in class, and then just transfer your paper into a binder or something after class.
  • Backpack – well yeah, obviously
  • USB – useful.
  • Planner/Agenda – MOST USEFUL THING TO USE. You could also use a calendar or something on your computer, but I like to have everything in writing, I find it works better for me, it’s just how I am.
  • Textbooks…you don’t need to be carrying around textbooks to most classes.
  • Chem students…need a labcoat + safety goggles…these can be purchased at the bookstore/labcoats are available at the Chem building…but you’ll be given more details about that through email or something.

14 thoughts on “School Supplies for University…what?

  1. Thanks so much for the info!! Haha, I’m also a pen and paper kind of person ! πŸ™‚ Is it required to take English as one of the courses at UBC? Anyway.. hopefully things will work out at uni!! ^^

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