Vancouver- Raincouver?

So now that you guys have received your residence assignments, you’re THAT MUCH CLOSER to actually LIVING in Vancouver(unless you’re a local, then you’ve been there for long enough to know all this stuff). I know that a large number of students are international/out of province, and  one of the things on your mind is probably “What’s the weather like?” or “What kind of clothes should I pack?”.  I can’t quite remember if I’ve made a post on this before or not…but here’s a new one!
Overall, British Columbia has the mildest temperatures, in comparison to the rest of Canada. Most of July and August – it’s pretty sunny and warm, like right now, mid-high 20s to low 30s (in Celsius). In September, it’s pretty warm, and nice- ranging in the 20s, the nights start getting cooler, dropping below 20. I remember last September, it was very sunny and warm, and the weather was just absolutely PERFECT all through the month – perfect for newcomers to explore the city and campus. Then October comes along…it starts to cool down, it may start raining…you’ll be accustomed to the rain in no time. Umbrellas, rainboots, and rain jackets are greatly recommended. A jacket is a MUST. Since UBC is by the water, you get a cold sea breeze coming at you while on campus. By the end of October, it starts getting a bit on the chillier side – 14-16 degrees Celsius, around there. November is when you actually feel the cold since it starts to get really windy around mid-late November. So the temperature would be around 10-15 degrees…wind chill makes it seem colder. Rain and cold temperatures throughout most of November. It may even snow in mid-late November — it doesn’t snow very much in Vancouver. December comes along, you’re below 10 degrees now. It usually stays above 0 degrees for the most part, but there are times that it dips down to below freezing temperatures, especially with wind chill…with windchill it can be as cold as -25 degrees Celsius(no exaggeration). So remember to layer your clothes to stay warm! It could snow in December as well, but like I said before….we only get a couple of days of snow in Vancouver. January — still cold and windy, with a chance of snow, and lots of rain. February, it MAY or may not snow at some point in February…but usually the weather starts brightening up, a little bit – it still rains though. It’ll get to be above 10 degrees Celsius for sure. March, things start brightening up a lot, the sun comes out, 15-18 degrees – but of course there are still rainy days in March. The end of March is usually pretty sunny(if you’re lucky). April comes, and the weather starts to warm up once again, rain-sun-cloud mixes.  May is a mix of warm, sunny days and cooler rainy days. And this year in June, it rained a lot…maybe a few sunny days here and there. 
So if you couldn’t get the gist of it…it rains a LOT in Vancouver….but I mean there ARE certainly sunny days as well. Vancouver is a beautiful city, and when the sun comes out, and the skies turn blue, and the mountains become visible, it’s truly a breathtaking place to be. If you’re an international student/from outside of BC and don’t have room to pack everything you need, you can always buy things from Vancouver, there’s lots of options. 🙂



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