UBC First Year Room Assignments – 2012

What’s this I see? And hear? First year room assignments are out for UBC students! I remember last year when OUR room assignments came out and we were that much closer to our first year at UBC. You guys will absolutely LOVE living on residence, and for those of you that aren’t living on rez, it’s okay, make some friends that live on campus!! 

Vanier Houses (I’ve paired each up with their sister houses)

Co-ed Houses:

  • Hamber & Mawsley (Mawder)
  • Cariboo & Okanagan (Okaboo)
  • Sherwood Lett & Tweedsmuir (TweedSL)
  • Korea-UBC House
  • Tec-UBC House
  • Kootenay(all girls) & Robson(all guys) – RobKoot
  • Ross(all girls) & Mackenzie(all guys) – MackRoss

**Only Tec and Korea have elevators**

Totem Houses: all are co-ed

  • Dene & Nootka – connected houses
  • Haida & Salish – connected houses
  • Kwakiutl & Shuswap – connected houses
  • həm’ləsəm’ (newer house)
  •  q’ələχən (newer house)

**All the Totem houses have elevators**

Remember to release your roommate information so that your roommate(s) can find you! Basement rooms are found in Vanier, and many of you are probably thinking “Oh no, I have the basement, I’ll be living in a dungeon”. Seriously, don’t be bummed out by the fact that you’re living in the basement! You guys DO have windows(I’m pretty sure it’d be illegal to make people live in rooms without windows? haha), they’re not as large as the regular windows, but they’re not TINY either! They provide a sufficient amount of light. Also, the plus to  living in the basement — you don’t need to trek down a bunch of stairs(if you’re living in Vanier) and find the laundry machines to be full! The laundry machines are not a bother noise-wise, so don’t fret about that. Also, it’s no rumour that the basement rooms tend to be larger in size compared to the other rooms in the house! To those that got the newer houses in Totem – you’re going to love having a fairly large room, and you’ll probably like the ‘new’-ness of everything too! As for the rest of you, who cares about the place you got, at least you have a place to sleep, and remember you’re going to be making AMAZING memories that will NEVER be forgotten! So be happy with your room assignments and get ready to meet the most amazing people of all time! 😀

P.S. If you strongly feel the need to switch, keep in mind that girls can only switch with girls, and guys with guys.

Here are some posts that may of be use to you regarding residences. Remember, your residence is what you make it to be. 🙂

UBC Residence Packing Guide

Dorm Life: Totem Vs. Vanier

–keep in mind that the two links above are posts that I made, which means I just give my own, personal opinion on those things. AND each of the houses have their own Facebook groups which are created by the house presidents of the houses. The groups are run by the presidents + RAs (Residence Advisors) …so join up your house group for the 2012/2013 year! 🙂
Feel free to leave comments/questions about residence, and I’ll be more than happy to answer them to the best of my ability from my own experiences! 🙂 

39 thoughts on “UBC First Year Room Assignments – 2012

  1. I hear there’s a LARGE SINGLE available in totem, might i know what is the difference between that and a single room? is it just the space?

  2. I have been assigned to Korea House but I understand this is primarily for Korean exchange students which I am not. Has anyone lived in Korea House and what was your experience?

    • Hey! Korea house just has an exchange program with Korea University, and accepts many exchange students, but it is a diverse house as a whole. I personally did not live there, but quite a few of my friends(non Korean) lived there and they enjoyed their experience! It’s a house with lots of spirit (KU TIGERS!), you’ll enjoy your time there I’m sure! 🙂

      • HI! I too am in Korea house and that is great to hear that they enjoyed their experience while staying there! DO you know anything else about the building compared to others? I saw that someone wanted to switch from həm’ləsəm’ to KU which was really intriguing as I have heard all the amazing things about this new building-thats its basically like a hotel!! Should I do the switch? (Im in arts so totem would be farther away than vanier)

    • Honestly, no one I know has said that their residence experience “sucked” …regardless of which residence/house they were in. KU and Tec are the “newer” houses in Vanier (not as new as the new Totem houses of course, but still new compared to the rest of the houses). KU and Tec have co ed floors, and all the rooms are single rooms. They also have elevators, the other Vanier houses don’t. Plus, they are bigger than the other Vanier houses, so there are more people. So really it’s up to you what you whether you want to switch or not! In my opinion, to save the hassle and make things easier, I would just stay where you are. 🙂

  3. I was assigned a shared Kootenay room but am looking for a single room in Kootenay or Ross. Can you give me your best advice as to how to go about getting the single in the all-girls residence? Thanks!

    • Do you just really not want a shared room then?They’re not that bad, but it’s personal preference! If you are a Facebook user you could make a post on the UBC Class of 2016 group…or the 2016 Social Group….asking if anyone would be interested in switching with you – lots of room switching going on in that group, but remember all switches must be made through UBC housing(if you find someone to switch with, BOTH of you must email housing asking if they could switch the two of you). If that doesn’t work/another option would be to contact UBC housing directly and ask them about a room transfer. Good luck! 🙂

  4. Thanks for this post 🙂 I’ve been looking for someone to trade rooms with me. I got a room in Totem and I want one in Vanier but the all girls houses because that’s what I requested and I didn’t get that. But it’s hard to find people to trade. =(

    • you want to switch INTO an all girls house?? I REALLY don’t think that will be too much of a problem, some girls don’t want to live in them at all! do you have Facebook, if so are you on the class of 2016 Facebook group?? There is also a Class of 2016 Social Group….lots are talking about room switching on there. If there’s a specific reason as to why you want an all girls house, and you REALLY don’t want to be in a co-ed house(they’re not bad at all, I was in a co-ed house last year, and the floors are all single gender)…you could always try emailing UBC housing and see if they’ll be willing to make accommodations for you, email them at information@housing.ubc.ca – remember to include your name, student number, the type of room you want and your current assignment.

  5. Hi, is it possible for people to switch assigned rooms with others? I heard that people switched rooms like from Totem to Vanier etc. (based on mutual agreement) before.

    • YES! It is possible with mutual agreement, just contact UBC housing through email/phone them, both of you should email with each other’s student number’s and tell them your current assignment and where you want to switch to. 🙂

      • ohhhh that’s so awesome! 🙂 I do wish I could find people to switch with me. I want to switch my shared room in Totem to a single/shared Vanier room so badly but I haven’t found anyone yet. i wonder how you could find people to switch rooms with…

    • are you on any of the Facebook Class of 2016 ubc groups? if so, just post on there asking to switch rooms with someone, that’s what lots of people did last year, we posted in our class group wall, and it was pretty successful.

      • I never thought of adding myself in UBC Class 2016 groups haha. Thank you so much for telling me about that! I’ll get right to that 🙂

    • personally i dont mind but its a long story, but to make it short, i’m indian and living with boys isn’t something my parents approve of. so it’s either i swtich to an all girls house or stay at home and commute, which i really don’t want to do. so this is all so stressful. =/

      • haha no worries, as long as what you need to say shows up on here somewhere. and hey, don’t fret, I know EXACTLY where you’re coming from, plus, there are many people that have been in the same situation as you. 🙂 It’s great that you’re willing to respect what your parents want. but really, just email housing, and tell them your situation – they’d be more than willing to try to accommodate you! don’t stress over it, I really hope everything will work out for you. 😀

      • awe thank you 🙂 and yes I did go to the groups and made a post, and I’ll email them or call on tuesday when they’re open 🙂

  6. hey, thanks for the post! very useful 🙂 just one question, are some of the Totem houses a bit old? ive heard that Dene House can feel a bit old, what do you think about that?

    • hey! no problem, glad I could help! 😀 Yes, Dene, Haida, Kwak, Nootka, Salish, and Shuswap are the oldest houses in Totem, but they are getting renovated in the next few years. Dene will have an old feeling…but it’s nothing to be worried about or anything. The people I know that lived in Dene LOVED living there and had tons of fun, and had no problem with the “old”-ness of it. Hope you enjoy your first year rez experience! 🙂

    • Kwak IS one of the older Totem houses, so it will have that old feeling going for it — but no one I know of has really complained about it. Cariboo is just another one of those Vanier houses, haha. So all in all, it’s ultimately YOUR choice which residence you think you’d like(depending on location, etc), remember they both are really great. Although I did like the layout of Kwak. Keep in mind that Vanier houses are a bit smaller than the Totem houses, which one did you get assigned to? You may be better off just keeping the house you have. 🙂

  7. Hey 🙂 thanks for the post! Its super informative, especially the Totem vs. Vanier page. I can’t wait to move into the residence and meet my housemates. I am a 1st year art student. 🙂

    If u don’t mind me asking, if my roommate and I got room numbers in Vanier’s Ross House with ‘a’ and ‘b’ in d end, does it mean we got the single rooms connected with one bathroom?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • aww I love getting great feedback from readers! 😀 I’m glad you found the posts helpful! 🙂 You are going to absolutely LOVE the first year residence experience, and your first year in general. ‘A’ and ‘B’ means you share a room. I don’t think Ross house has connecting singles with one bathroom between the two(I think that’s just for the new Totem houses)….all the Vanier houses have a common shared bathroom on each floor. 🙂

      • ahh i seee 😦 i was wishing to get the connected single room, but oh well, i guess its alright hehe thank you for the info! Hope to see you around 🙂

    • ahh well, don’t worry about it though, I’m sure that you’ll love Ross! 🙂 and no problem glad to be of help, if you ever have any further questions, feel free to drop by and ask! who knows, maybe I will see you around, and not even know it haha, good luck with this coming year at UBC! 😀

    • Hmmm haha weell, I have a certain preference for Vanier haha, so I’d say Tec. Although I HAVE been in both Tec and Salish, I would favour Tec – here’s why I think that: Tec is one of the more recent houses in Vanier, so it’s really nice looking and more “fresh”. Salish is one of the older houses in Totem, so it’s obviously kind of “old” looking inside. Vanier, I think, is in a really good location(but depending on what faculty you’re in, you may agree/disagree). Personally, I just really liked the vibe I got from Vanier last year. I can’t really say much “residence spirit”-wise because it varies from year to year because of the people involved. So it’s your call if you want something that is more “new” or something more “old” — and I would say Tec has a lot of diversity people-wise, and everyone that I knew in Tec last year, absolutely loved their experience….then again no one I know regrets their Salish experience — either way you grow to love the people you’re around and your environment. Which one did you get assigned?

      • I got Salish! But I found someone who may wanna swap with me and he lives in tec. I’m just worried that vanier is a little too quiet for my liking and I may not enjoy my expierence at rez

    • haha! dude, just make friends in Totem(if you swap)….residences party with each other…people from Vanier go to Totem, and vice versa. Since Tec is a larger Vanier house, there will be more people there…..and they’ll have a good number of parties, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on any parties. Vanier isn’t THAT quiet(it’s all a reputation built up from years ago)…if there’s a party, there’s a party. Plus if you happen find Vanier too quiet for your liking….just head over to the frat houses……they know how to party…or they like to think they do…but it’s definitely not QUIET. And here I am….promoting going to the frats to party… YUP, I’m a great influence on you freshmen. And maybe when you actually NEED to study…you might be happy to have some peace and quiet… 😛 Besides, your rez experience is what YOU make it to be. 🙂


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