Hey There, It’s August

I felt like it was time to do just a normal sit down blog post, about my life, considering the only posts I’ve done lately have been from the ’30 Day Song Challenge’.

Well folks, it’s August. A month left until university starts, freshmen kids, be excited for the best year of your life! I am actually really excited for second year to come, although it does mean that there’s a lot of studying that will need to be done. I think I’m ready for that…I think. I’m ready for another ‘fresh’-ish start. I can’t wait to meet more people and make more memories, and of course see the people I haven’t seen since school ended! My summer so far has been pretty great so far, I can’t believe that it went by so fast. I remember thinking ‘A four month summer…that’s going to take forever to get by,’ – but NOPE, it went by SUPER fast! I will definitely miss the great sunny weather and not having to worry about school, but second year, bring it.

So how about them Olympics? I absolutely LOVE watching the Olympics! That’s cool how 15 year olds are winning gold medals……and what did I do when I was 15? Hmm..I was your average 10th grade student..I was in a school musical, does that count?..totally making my country proud. Haha. And goodness people, male divers and swimmers – need I say more? Didn’t think so. I love watching gymnastics, all the swimming events (synchro, diving, relay, etc), track, badminton….actually I’ll watch any Olympic sport. I must say though, I AM quite surprised that Canada has only won 4 medals…. GO TEAM CANADA! 🙂



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