Day 15 – 30 Day Song Challenge

day 15 – a song that describes you/A song from the first album you purchased

Probably my favourite ‘day’ so far! This one made me feel a LIIIITTLE nostalgic. The first ‘album’ that I ever got was Spiceworld by none other than… the SPICE GIRLS! It was a little cassette tape. I think I got it back in 1998…5 year old Spice Girls fan right here everyone! 😛 I even had the Spice Girls dolls – die hard fan. I remember I went to England when I was 6 and got a BUNCH of Spice Girls merchandise for my friend and myself. Those were the good old days. Still to this day, when I get together with some of my high school friends(girls of course), we’ll blast some Spice Girls and dance around and sing to it…..although we HAVE had guys(I don’t know WHY or HOW they would know the lyrics but..whatever!) sing Wannabe and Stop with us – you know what they say, the more the merrier. 

  • Stop – Spice Girls


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