Day 11 – 30 Day Song Challenge

day 11 – a song from your favourite band/ A song that reminds you of Winter

But it’s only Summer right now…. can you believe it, Winter is only like less than 5 months away! CRAZY. When I think of Winter-y songs I think of “cozy” songs… 😛 and of course, CHRISTMAS songs! For some reason I think of a dark evening, fluffy white snow falling lightly from the sky, an eerie silence outside, and a little ambient-ly lit cafe of some sorts. That’s my ideal way to spend a Winter evening…in a cozy cafe sipping away some hot beverage with a special someone? Hehe..hopeless romantic kinda? OHH WEELL. 

  • Winter Song – Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson ..didn’t see THAT one coming, did you? I just heard this song for the first time last November….and absolutely fell in love with it. If you haven’t listened to it before…GO LISTEN TO IT, it’s perfect.
  • Cozy can be defined by anything Owl City-esque, right? 
  • This song…I don’t know the name of it at the moment, not sure why, but it’s completely slipped my mind…..I’m not sure if it’s a Christmas song…I think it might be..but it’s by Michael Bublé(I think..ugh this is annoying me) and I heard it last year (it may have been released last year? I think..not sure…)..but to me that song brings up an image of my “ideal winter evening”. Another Michael Bublé song would be Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).
  • edit: HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN. Ed Sheeran…The A Team in particular. Since it rains a lot here, especially in the Winter…I like listening to certain songs when it rains, and Ed Sheeran songs sound amazing with a little rain in the background…confession – I actually go to a site and play “rain” while listening to Ed Sheeran songs sometimes…you should actually try it, it’s amazing..I promise you, I’m not crazy(well I am, but that’s beside the point). Background Rain Sounds


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