Day 10 – 30 Day Song Challenge

day 10 – a song that makes you fall asleep/A song that reminds you of Autumn

Lately, I just haven’t been “feeling” it to blog very often..don’t worry, there’s nothing WRONG. 😛 I have just been occupied with other things and it’s just nice to take a break from some things. 🙂 Songs that make me fall asleep…hmmm..there aren’t very many…anything that sounds “light” and “soft” really. These are the few that I could think of: 

  • Anything by OWL CITY! I mean that in the best way possible, it’s not that the songs bore me, resulting in me falling asleep – it’s just the fact that they’re soft and light for the most part, and it makes me drift off into my own little world of dreams and such. Fuzzy Blue Lights, Fireflies, Vanilla Twilight, you know the rest. 😛
  • Lights songs..?
  • How To Save A Life – The Fray
  • some songs by Coldplay 
  • maybe some Jason Mraz? 
  • Crash And Burn – Savage Garden — it’s slightly DEPRESSING…but relaxing.. 😛


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