LALALALALA – Being Creative With Titles

HELLO. I have been so caught up with everything and keeping up with the 30 Day Song Challenge ( I should really do it every other day or something) that I haven’t had much time to just BLOG…and let out things that come to mind. SO. Third year registration at UBC just ended today…next up..SECOND YEAR REGISTRATION! Second years definitely feel the love being close to last with registration dates…. :S Get on those worklists! 😀 We’re halfway through summer vacation! I remember last year around this time how excited I was to start university...AHH! I would love to relive the first year experience..but it’s time to move FORWARD and see what second year has in store for me! 

The sun decided to make an appearance and actually STAY around. It is currently 27 degrees Celsius where I it’s pretty hot..considering I have been used to 15 degrees and RAIN for the past 3 weeks. 

Has anyone else noticed the whole British(mainly the UK in general) singers and their international rise to fame recently ? SO many artists from the UK are becoming more and more popular on this side of the world I find. Examples: Rita Ora, Cher Lloyd, Ellie Goulding, Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran, Neon Hitch, The Wanted, and One Direction. There are TONS more, I know, and there are probably ones that I don’t even know are from the UK. I find that they have such unique voices – hence why they’re popular on this side of the world. I feel like next up, more and more Australian artists will start to emerge…so far some popular ones would be Gotye, Lenka, and Sia. 



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