One Year Bloggeversary! + SEARCH TERMS

It has officially been one year since I started this blog. …..I just had to put that out there. 

So I figured I would be somewhat helpful and answer some common search terms that have come up – mainly first year registration/course related questions. There are TONS AND TONS of search terms, but I obviously can’t get through them all sooo …. **I may be adding to this as I get newer search terms/more time**

1. should i take scie 113 or not – I kind of explain this here – if you scroll down a bit on the post –> First Year Courses

2.can I take english any time during my four years (science degree) -Technically no. you need to complete your 6 credits of communication requirements within your first 60 credits (first two years), you will not be promoted to third year unless you complete this.

3.what math should I take for med school UBC – Find the answer to this here —> First Year Courses If you’re coming from a university other than UBC – you need a semester of differential calculus and a semester of integral calculus at a first year level.

4. UBC registration tips? – Lucky I made this post –>UBC Registration Tips

5.what should i take first term english 110 or 112 at UBC – I would say this is entirely up to you. If you can help it, maybe take English 110 in the term that has a “lighter” course load – which is sort of a rare deal in first year Science.. haha. English 110 just requires a lot of reading so you just need to set aside time for that. 🙂

6. who should take ubc enriched physics – I have covered this here —>First Year Courses

7. is biol 112 or biol 121 harder – I think this is dependent on the person. Biology 112 is about unicellular organisms and such, so if you’re into that kind of stuff, then you’d enjoy it and do well in it. Biology 112 exams are all multiple choice, so sometimes you luck out with your answers…after all it’s a 1 in 4 change to get it right. Biology 112 is also about applying concepts. Biology 121 is mainly memorization(more so than Biology 112) but the exams in this course are written answers, so ultimately it’s dependent on your prof and what he expects.

8. when is first year course registration ubc – June 26-29

9. how fast do courses fill up for course registration – I would say quite fast actually, but that’s also dependent on the course, so keep monitoring the SSC and keep those worklists coming! enriched physics at ubc harder – Well yeah…that’s why it’s called “enriched” physics. It’s definitely more challenging than regular physics 😛

11.ubc scincie first year courses math 101 – Did you mean “science” ? Hehe.

12. ravishingrambles – That’s me! Awwhh, I feel so flattered that people are looking this blog up! :’) I need to take calc if I want to take phys 102 ubc – Yes, you need to take/have credit for Math 101,103, 105, or 121 as a co-req, and you can’t take those courses unless you have taken/have credit for Math 100,102,104, or 120.

14. UBC Med Requirements first year science – Check it outttt—->First Year Courses

15. what to pack for ubc first year residence – Maybe this will give you some ideas! –>First Year Residence Packing Guide

16. will waiting lists become unreleased for registration – Within time they will, as they see that there is a lot of demand for the course.

17. second/third year registration courses are filling up, what do I do – Course registration for second and third years is coming up very shortly. Well third years get their registration before second years – second years just get thrown onto the bottom of the pile. There’s no need to panic if you see that your muchly needed classes are all filled up by them first years, as second years we still get a fair bit of priority, in the sense that some of the courses that are filled up are needed for our intended major. Just email your advisor/prof and tell them why you need to be force registered into a course, and they’ll let you in no problem.

18. ubc biology major useless 2012 – no disrespect to bio majors, but this showing up as a search term, 5+ times……..haha oh dear..

19. ubc packing guide –  weeellll I’ve got it all written out right hereee ! –> RESIDENCE PACKING GUIDE



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