Back with them UBC posts – I figured it was about time since first year registration is slowly creeping up…and by slowly I mean it starts tomorrow, but it’s better now than never, right?

So from my experience…don’t be fooled and think that if you’re on the first day you’re GUARANTEED all the classes you want (at the times you want). Well, you’re practically almost guaranteed your first choice classes at the times you want if you’re in the morning of the first day…I’d say from about 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM-ish you’d probably be good (I’d still make a few extra worklists anyways…just to be safe – if you’re in the latter half of that time range). Better to be safe than sorry. I was on the first day of registration last year and I was in the afternoon and I pretty much got all my first choice times for classes, except for Biology 112, which I totally didn’t luck out on – it filled up just a few seconds before my registration time — but I’m not going to go on a tangent about that here because I already made a post about that last year. Hehe.Β 

Also I remember that some Biology 112 classes and one of the first term Physics 101 classes were the first ones to fill up, and Chemistry 121 was a close second. SO many students take Chemistry 121, pretty much EVERY science student (unless they have credit for it) must take Chemistry 121 – last year there were ~2000 students in that course. Be careful with smaller classes – since they tend to get filled up faster due to the fact that there are very few seats to begin with.

I made about 4 worklists last year, and I would say that was enough for me, and it worked out well. A typical science student’s course load consists of about 30-35 credits ….. although having 35 is quite a load (that’s how many credits engineers have in a first year course load). Most people tend to have 30-33. I would say try your best to save some room for an ‘elective’ type course…something that’s not science-y – I know it’s hard to do that with so many tight requirements needed in first year, but sometimes it’s nice to have a class that’s less demanding than your core science courses. Also remember, your first year marks DO matter, your GPA in first year determines what major you can get into when you apply at the end of first year. So don’t slack!

Also, when making a worklist and you have back to back classes…go toΒ UBC WAYFINDING MAPΒ and check the locations of your classes. You don’t want to be SPRINTING to your back to back classes. Most science classes will be in close proximity to each other, but just check to be sure. πŸ™‚Β 

Don’t be discouraged if you find that the courses you want are filling up/have filled up by your registration time – it is NOT the end of the world! People drop classes and change their minds throughout the summer, and into the first two weeks of classes. Remember to sign up for those waiting lists! If a course/courses haven’t opened up by the time school starts, just go to the class you wanted, and talk to the professor, usually they’re quite lenient and will let you in since they know that people will drop the course.

And REMEMBER – do NOT wait to register…register at your given time, one of the biggest mistakes you could make is not registering at your designated registration time. And also just before your registration time, just monitor the SSC and see how courses are filling up – I remember I was monitoring it for a good 5 hours before my registration time. If you see that a few of the courses you want are filling up faster than you’d like them to, just keep making more worklists on the spot.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and ask. Bloggers love questions. πŸ™‚



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  2. Hey, really great tips by the way.

    I have 2 questions about reg.

    First: I am a transfer student admitted to third year of computer science, my transfer credit assessment isn’t finished as of yet. So, how do I register in my UBC third year courses, as i don’t have the prerequisites, as I have never studied at UBC before. But, I have completed 5 semesters of undergraduate study and have completed 71 credits before applying to UBC. So, how do I register in the required courses, without prerequisites. Any ideas?

    Second question: My (third year) registration date is 3rd July but, some of the third year courses already have students registered in them. How is this possible, and can I also register like them, cuz if I don’t, im afraid that the course will fill up by the time its July 3rd. What to do?

    • Helloo, and thanks! πŸ™‚
      Question #1 – unfortunately, I don’t really have the knowledge to answer that question, I know absolutely nothing about transfer students and such, so I suggest you talk to advising – which faculty are you doing comp sci through? arts or science? depending on the faculty, I suggest you contact advising according to the faculty and if they aren’t the right people to talk to, they will direct you on whom to talk to. So, sorry I wasn’t of help there.

      Question #2 – Course registration runs from around mid-June to mid-late July. Graduate students and fourth/fifth year students have the earliest registration times, so some of those students probably already registered for those courses. As well as first year registration started today, so if they’re eligible for those courses, some of them may have registered for them also.

      Hope that helped, and good luck! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the help.

        Im in Bachelor of Science at UBCO btw

        And I have another question: I have never contacted UBC over the phone cuz i’ve always been doing it through email correspondence. But, now im planning on calling either the course registration number of an academic advisor today. So, is there anything you can tell me about that (process); like what I need to know before calling them? What questions are they going to ask? What info they will need from me, and what info will they provide?

        Anything you’d like to share on this, would be really helpful

        Thanks again.

    • Oooh I just assumed you meant UBC- Van, my bad. Well either way, what I said still applies haha. I personally think that email is too slow, so I always call, so pretty much you just need to have your student number ready so that they can just look you up on their records, and they should be able to see everything(transcript, etc). Just tell them your situation(like what you asked me), and make sure you have all your questions you need to ask ready, because they’ll only be answering questions, so if you don’t have very many questions…then they won’t have many answers, so make sure you ask everything you need to know. They will help you to the best of their ability, and if they can’t answer certain questions, they will transfer you/give you the number of who to contact. Sometimes there’s a slight wait time when you’re calling, especially at this time since many people have concerns about registration and such. Good luck!


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