Just Another One Of Those Picture Posts…..

Sorry I haven’t been doing many posts with actual wordy content, but enjoy these kinds of posts for the time being. Like I said before, I’m no professional, I just turn on some music and draw what gets to me through the music — just a quick sketch type of deal. The song that “inspired” me is called A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope. The weather was kind of dreary and such..and dreary weather brings emotions in my opinion – not sure if that’s weird or not…. ANYWAY, you should DEFINITELY check out the song though.


4 thoughts on “Just Another One Of Those Picture Posts…..

  1. Ahh I’m glad I didn’t see that picture when I was 15 or else I may have gotten it tattooed on my back, or my arm, or my face. It’s so great. I don’t know the song, but I will listen to it soon. I am just happy for what your drawing alone makes me feel. And I totally agree that dreary weather can bring up soooo many different emotions. Probably because as kids, we were in our rooms on rainy days, reading books and imagining things…so the weather happens again, and our minds just go wild with a fine mix of reverie and imagination…maybe 🙂

    • Haha, wow, thank you, that really means a lot to me! Yeah, the song is definitely powerful/emotional – in my opinion. And I’m glad it makes you feel something, or some sort of emotion, because I believe that’s what “art” is….someone expresses themselves, and then another person interprets the emotion and expression. Art isn’t just dependent on ONE person’s expression. I’d still consider myself as a kid, to an extent haha – but yes I completely agree with you, when I was younger I’d sit in on rainy days and read books and let my imagination go wild….and now a couple years later….when it rains, I turn on music, and draw.

      • I really would like to get back to drawing. When I was younger, the computer was in one spot and it was not in my room…so on rainy days it was an obvious time to read, imagine, draw, or play. Now, it’s an ideal time to catch up on my computer work or write in my book; but this morning I am thinking that next time it rains, I want to do some drawing! Thanks for the inadvertent reminder 🙂


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