A Little Smile Goes a Long Way..

UBC – The University of Bountiful Construction  – does that work? I don’t know –  I was trying to be clever and creative. 

There is WAAAY too much construction going on at UBC, and every time I walked to class, I’d be taking some sort of detour which ended up being a ridiculously long route. So almost everyday I would walk by the same bunch of construction workers and there was this one man, who looked so happy and would always smile and say “Hello” or “Good morning”. At first when he greeted me, I was a bit shy…..but eventually I got over that and we exchanged “hello”s and “goodbye”s quite frequently. He was either African or maybe even Caribbean? I’m not entirely sure. He was a bit older and he had the most contagious smile ever! He was missing a tooth, but that suited him. He had the kind of smile that just made you want to smile despite how your day was going. If you were having a bad day, and he smiled at you, it would instantly make you smile – I’m not kidding. Mornings aren’t my favourite, and when he smiled or acknowledged my passing by, it would just make me smile. One day I had a meeting with an advisor and COULD NOT for the life of me figure out HOW to get into the building I was supposed to be in(due to construction fences set up everywhere)…and it just so happened that this friendly construction worker was working on that site, so I ended up having a little conversation with him, and he told me how to get into the building. I thanked him and then went off, when I came back, he was still there and he wished me well for the rest of the day. Yesterday as I was walking to my final exam, I passed by him once again, and he smiled and said “Good morning” and I thought, “wow, I’m going to miss that guy.” So like I said, I’m going to  miss that guy, he was a good guy, so thank you random construction worker for starting my days off with a smile, you mean well and there should be more people like you out there. 


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