“Unofficially” Summerr!

So I just had my final exam for the course I was taking on campus, so technically it’s summer vacation for me now — apart from the fact that I’m taking EOSC 114 through distance education, which is pretty slack…… šŸ˜€ Siiighh….relaxing time. And I get to go back home…bye bye UBC until September(unless I come back “just for kicks” during the summer…which may be likely)! šŸ˜€ I’ll miss studying at Irving….once it’s September, it’ll be filled with people, and probably more distracting for me. What did I do after my exam? Well I finished 30 minutes early…which was awesome, and I felt decently confident for the most part, which is once again, AWESOME… then I went out for lunch with my friends…and we just talked and stuff for about 2 hours…and then I came back to my room….and then listened to music, then contemplated on cleaning up a bit…I procrastinated..and eventually got around to cleaning up. I’m excited for the weekend – mainly because I have plans to do stuff, which is exciting…I just hope the weather holds up.Ā 

So recently I’ve started to understand that as you grow older, once you’ve graduated from high school and all that, time flies and things change fast – especially when you’re at university. The friends you make, you want them to stay with you forever, but as you get older, things in their lives are going to change, and things just won’t always be the same. I have met a lot of people since I have been at UBC, and I definitely wish we could all stay together here but— that’s not likely, as we get older, opportunities start to open up, and we all want the best for ourselves. One of my good friends just found out that he’s not coming back to UBC because another opportunity(which he worked hard for) opened up and taking it up is probably one of the BEST things he could possibly do for his future. I am extremely happy for him, yet at the same time, it really kind of sucks that this one person that I have gotten to know over the past year, isn’t coming back here in September. Sooo yeah..mais, c’est la vie.Ā 



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