This is my ‘pre’ first year journey post(although I do have another post about my pre university journey…but that’s more along the lines of when I got accepted and not really about the summer)….probably how a lot of you are feeling right now going into summer, after grade 12, knowing that in a few more months, ya’ll are off to university.

Hmmm….where to start. Maybe I’ll hit rewind to approximately a year ago — to approximately the time when I ‘graduated’ from high school. I graduated on the first weekend of June (June 5th 2011), after graduation we still had a week of regular classes, and then provincial exams until the END OF JUNE! Okay, hold up. I don’t think one can understand how unmotivated one can become after they ‘graduate’ from high school, and know what university they’re going to — and then have a bunch of exams to do. My brain just stopped functioning once we all tossed up our grad caps in the air on the night of graduation– pretty much my brain just tossed up ‘high school’ along with the cap; the cap came back, but ‘high school mode’, didn’t. Although prepping for provincials with my friends was a lot of fun — I think we had more fun than productive studying — hehe, WHOOPS. My friend and I were completely stoked for university, we were going to be conquering it together, and what more does someone want than going to university, away from home, with a super awesome friend? Okay – so I could think of a lot of things that one might want — but still, that’s beside the point. But really, we couldn’t even contain our excitement, I’m pretty sure that drove our friends crazy, but we figured they’d get over it eventually…and they did. 🙂 We made lots of worklists together and were really excited to just register for our courses and get that out of the way. I feel like anotherr thing that psyched me up for September was the Facebook Group – UBC CLASS OF 2015 – I would say that I was fairly active on that group, just because a lot of internationals had questions about Vancouver and other general inquiries about ‘local’ things — and since I’m pretty local, I was able to answer those. To this day people have actually recognized me in real life, from that group… they’ll be like ‘OOHH!! You’re _____ from the Facebook group! That’s why you looked so familiar!‘ — haha YUP. I also friended quite a few people from the group, and started to make ‘friends’ that way(sketch? naw.), we’d message back and forth and such, and then once first year started, I actually got to meet those people, and most of us are still pretty good friends, which I think is super cool!

 My friend and I had requested to be each other’s roommate, and once August came, we found out that our request went through and we were indeed, ROOMMATES — and that was just AWESOME, and we started planning out what we wanted to buy for our room…we even planned out which nail polishes to bring, so that we wouldn’t bring the same colours – we’re so funny. So anyways, all throughout summer we were just EXCITED EXCITED EXCITED NERVOUS EXCITED EXCITED ECSTATIC EXCITED EXCITED NERVOUS EXCITED EXCITED – I think you get the idea.

So slowly September approached us, September 3rd was the day of move in. My friend and I were in an even numbered room, so our move in time was between 1pm and 4 pm. I remember the morning of September 3rd, my parents and I were packing up the van to drive off to UBC.. :’) I SLOOOWLY started to get more and more nervous. It was definitely an ‘odd’ feeling seeing all my stuff getting packed up for the next 8 months……*

*I’ll carry on this post with a new post, in the near future. 🙂 😛 



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