It’s June 1st — Uhm Excuse Me, What!?

It’s not May anymore — I quite liked May. May truly made me feel like a real university student(not that I didn’t feel like one for the past 8 months..) — just the fact that I was ‘out of school’ a whole month before regular high school students.

Anyway, it’s June 1st, so all you incoming freshmen need to accept your admission offers! 😀 YAY! You’ll be making the best decision EVER. For second years, specialization applications open up on June 5th! Start making your worklists! Course registration will be held at the beginning of July.

So today is my school’s grad banquet. Mine was on June 3rd last year…. I feel so old knowing that there’s a whole new batch of grads, it’s CRAZY! The weather today is…absolutely terrible. Foggy, misty, rainy, cold. EW. Grad pictures will be…..interesting in this weather. Everyone will be wet in their suits and dresses, and the girls’ hair and makeup…oh no. I remember last year it had been raining miserably the WHOLE week, and then the morning of our banquet day, it looked like the sky wanted to just pour buckets of water — it was super cloudy…but then at midday, a miracle happened, and the clouds went away and out came the blue sky….and SUN...and it was actually WARM! Grad photos turned out FABULOUSLY 😀 

Also, residence offers started coming out for people within the winter residence lottery. I had a terrible spot in the lottery for winter residence — so I ended up applying for Year Round Housing — and that is where I currently am staying, and will CONTINUE to stay for the next few years. 

I know I haven’t done any UBC related posts that are directed to first years in quite some time….so I think I’ll be working on doing some of those in the near future, especially one about course selection(for Science students).



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