Music Soothes The Soul: I Wish I Knew Then, What I Know Now

If you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE Katy Perry fan – she’s BEAUTIFUL both inside and out, and a lot of her songs are really meaningful, and she has an amazing voice! She’s one of those artists that isn’t afraid to be REAL. If she makes a mistake, she doesn’t try to cover up and hide, she makes a song out of it, and tries to actually OVERCOME it, and she has MILLIONS of fans supporting her every step of the way. Since she’s so real, many of her songs can be very relatable. She’s young, fresh, and knows how to have fun. Some of my favourite songs by her are: Hot N Cold, Firework, California Gurls, E.T., Last Friday Night (TGIF), Part Of Me, Teenage Dream, The One That Got Away, Waking Up In Vegas, and my new favourite —> Wide Awake.

Wide Awake is the one that I want to talk about because it’s so REAL —- Sometimes we all get caught up with something, and then later we look back on it and think “WOW, things could have been different and so much better if…..” and many times we think “I wish I knew then, what I know now….” —- it would have caused us to act differently, and things may have turned out differently. One of the main ‘life mottos’ I have would definitely be, “Live with no regrets”  — at one point, you will have regrets about SOMETHING, but the goal is to get over it and move on because you know that your past can’t be changed. It could be something that you said a while back, and you wish you knew something then, that you know now, and it can be a regret, but really, what are you going to do about something that happened in the past? Right? We all come to a realization at some point that the way we acted in a previous event/situation isn’t how you SHOULD have acted, or maybe that really wasn’t the real you. Lots of things have happened in the past year since I started university, and many times I’ve thought about how things could have been dealt with differently, or how I was too caught up in something that made me stray from who I really was/how the real me would have acted, or maybe I realized that I should be doing stuff to please myself and not please OTHER people….but in all honesty, there’s nothing that can be done, other than overcoming our ‘mistakes’ and starting new, which isn’t all that hard to do if you try. Just because we have a couple regrets here and there doesn’t mean that it’s time to completely give up. Just keep moving forward. 🙂 



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