Hoping My Battery Lasts Until I Finish My Ramblings…

Yes, my laptop battery is dying, and I refuse to go to my room and get the charger (#whysolazy), I shall make do with the battery power I have now. Recent conversations with a particular individual(maybe individuals) made me think about this, and ‘if I think it, I blog it.’ –I’m not sure why..but my head voice sounded like Amanda Bynes in Sydney White — with that whole twangy-ish thing going. I wish Amanda Bynes was still into acting, but that’s a ramble for maybe another time.

So there’s that saying “When life  gives you lemons, make lemonade” — in non fruitical terms –> when life gives you opportunities, make use of them. When life throws something at you, take it, catch it, make use of it. Sometimes I fail to do so, and I think about it afterwards(much later) and kind of “regret” it. This can also be applied to…uhm…. friendships.  You know how people go after what they “can’t have”, but when someone is figuratively (or literally- but that would just make things QUITE awkward) throwing themselves at you or trying to get NOTICED by you, and you just fail to acknowledge it, and then go after someone else. When you think about it, it’s kind of like an endless cycle sometimes. Person A likes Person B, who likes Person C, and sometimes NOTHING in that little chain is MUTUAL.  I am completely guilty of both chasing after something in which I probably SHOULDN’T and sometimes I manage to not acknowledge something/someone that is “right there” because I’m going after something I shouldn’t and honestly, I hate doing that. And this post is something to just drill into MY mind and yours, that you really shouldn’t look past things that simply get thrown at you, or are right under your nose(figuratively of course, or else that’s a bit too close for comfort) 😉 



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