Music Soothes The Soul: ‘Cuz all you need is love and love is all you’ve ever found.

Music posts! AHHH! Now that it’s summer, and since summer courses aren’t as intense as full year courses, I seem to have more than a decent amount of time to think about things, other than school. And to be honest, it’s great. Although sometimes it can be a problem , because I’m a girl, and we tend to uhm, what’s that called? over think things…..yeaahh.. OH WELL. I absolutely love going on YouTube and finding artists on there, there’s so much talent out there – pure, raw, fresh, real – not completely auto-tuned and over processed, TALENT.

A specific artist’s song sparked the interest of writing this post, and he goes by the name of Corey Gray. I discovered his music quite recently, I believe at the beginning of 2012, he did a collab with another YouTube artist that I had been following, and I was astonished. As time went on, my interest in him diminished, not because I thought he wasn’t good, it just somehow diminished. Then a couple days ago, I re-visted his channel to see what was new because I had remembered seeing on Facebook that he had a new video released(a music video for his original song Where We’re Going). My goodness – I’m in love. Watching the video was so ’emotional’ — it brought so many emotions, and flashbacks and it was just mind blowing. I have been watching it nonstop for the longest time now. I can’t say I have felt such a connection with a song+video in a LONG time. There is so much passion in that video, and his voice, his soft, soft and gentle voice that I cannot get out of my head. I couldn’t even tell you all the emotions it brought — extremes from happiness, relief, comfort and ease, sadness, a rush of excitement, grace, a sense of freedom and adventure, to a strong passion for life. The part where they jump into the pool, it just made me want to SOAR and fly- that might sound ridiculous, but like I said, this song just really hits me. The video is quite simple when you think about it, but simplicity brings realness – and he is BEAUTIFUL, and I think that  the girl in the video Karlee Rigby, and him have great chemistry in this video. It really makes you want something like that. I never really had considered myself to be a ‘hopeless romantic’ — but sometimes, times like these, when I see these things, I can be one. Sometimes I wish certain events in my life could be in a music video- heck I wish I could be in that video. Be sure to check out the other covers he has on his channel, I’m certain you’ll fall in love. =) 



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