It’s beginning to look a lot like summer..

I am still alive, for those of you that care/have been concerned due to my recent ‘absence’ of what, 9 days? The weather has been incredibly marvellous for the past few days; the sun is shining, and I’m just beaming. I have a ton of things I want to blog about, so more posts will soon be coming your way; some of these posts will DEFINITELY be helpful to future UBC students — just giving you all a heads up. 

Now what have I been up to? WELL. Believe it or not, I have actually returned to UBC for summer courses, I just couldn’t stay away from UBC for too long. 😀 But I’ll only be there until June, which is long enough. My thoughts on summer courses? DO THEM! They are actually not that bad at all. They’re pretty chill if you ask me. I mean sure, they are ‘intensive’ in the sense that in about two days, you learn just over a week’s worth of material(in the winter session).  I believe that you can only do two courses per term in the summer, and looking at ‘statistics’, summer courses tend to have higher averages, not sure if that’s just because super smart keeners do summer school, haha. I currently live in Marine Drive(yay for year round housing!), it’s mind blowing how nice of a place it is, definitely a change from Vanier! The area where the Marine Drive commonsblock is, is absolutely GORGEOUS when it’s sunny. My roommates are all super awesome, totally lucked out on that one, I really couldn’t ask for any better roommates #yayforrandomroommates. Fortunately I do know quite a few people living on campus, so it’s not ‘lonely’ or anything like that. I have actually seen/gotten together with QUITE a few of my friends from first year, it was really awesome seeing them again(everyone is so relaxed now). I have found that living in Marine makes me feel more ‘older’/responsible. Vanier is full of first years, and we practically have people to do things for us, like there are people to clean the bathrooms, and food is provided for us at the dining hall, stuff like that. Now, I’m pretty much on my own; it’s my job to make sure the bathroom is clean, and I have to cook my own food, and all that. And at Marine, I have a single room, it definitely does take a while to get used to, going from having a shared room, with my best friend, to having a room to myself.Although, the alone time is nice I guess. My roommates ARE all a few years older than me, I think that adds to the fact that I feel ‘older’ — 2-3 years isn’t really THAT big of a difference, but of course, they all know a lot more than I do about things haha, plus they’ve lived in the unit for a long time. It’s actually like an asset to have older roommates, they can share their knowledge with you, so it’s really nice.

Complete side note, Starbucks summer coconut drinks are back – my life is complete. What are these coconut drinks I speak of? go check out my post from last summer where I raved about them —>


2 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like summer..

    • I know this probably sounds super ridiculous, but I don’t think I’m going to quite say on here which course(s) I’m taking right now, I may post about it some time in the future, but just not at this moment, mainly because summer courses tend to have smaller classes/jut one section of each class — gotta keep my identity on the DL haha 😛 but I am taking EOSC 114 through distance ed, just like the other 300 or so people doing it! Haha 🙂


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