RESIDENCE LIFE: Roommate Problems

Roommates. That will be the ‘topic of the day'(honestly, could I get any cheesier? Yes, yes I could). Looking at some of the search terms on my blog, LOTS of people seem to be curious about residence life (what to buy, what life on res is like, roommates, etc). I have done quite a few posts about residence life, so be sure to check those out! 🙂 BUT never have I done one about roommates – so why not do it now! 

I myself DID have a roommate, but I knew her from before, so it made things that much better. Some people advise you not to room with your friends, there have been cases where people go into university as friends, they become roommates, and then they come out as being…well…not friends. Not to worry though, there have also been many successful stories as well. I know of quite a few people that actually roomed with their friends from school, and they had no problems whatsoever. All in all, it’s your choice whether or not you want to be roomed with your friend. Benefits of being roommates with someone you know — brand new university, away from home, it’s nice to have something that’s a ‘constant’ as you’re starting at a new university. 

So for those of you that are going to be matched up with a completely RANDOM person. UBC does an AWESOME job with roommate matches, it’s usually quite rare that people are matched up with the ‘wrong’ person. At the beginning of the year all the residents(with roommates) attend this thing called ‘Roommate Bootcamp’ — here you’re taught about what it’s like living with a roommate(this event is put on by your resident advisors), and you do activities with your roommates(kind of like an icebreaker type of thing). Also, you sign a Roommate Contract —- on this contract they have things like when you each want it to be quiet in your room, until what time are people allowed to be in your room, how you guys will share things, etc. If you have problems with your roommate further into the year, you talk to your RA(Resident Advisor) and they will bring out the contract that you signed…and go over it with you and your roommate — if things cannot be resolved after going over this contract, you are allowed to request a room switch, there is a small fee for this, and you will be accommodated based on the availability of rooms(could be a single room, or another double room).

Most roommates end up being really close friends, and usually they are your first friends at UBC, some roommates aren’t very ‘close’ – but that’s just how some are. It really depends on the people, and as long as you GET ALONG, things will be fine, and if you don’t, no need to worry, things will get worked out. 🙂 


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