Summer Vacay-ay.

I just want to address the fact that this post will be pretty random in content— and it probably won’t even flow together…because I’m just going to ramble on about stuff in no particular order – so LALALALALALALA. 

It hasn’t even been a full week since I have been ‘done’ with exams – but it already feels as though it has been a few weeks…. ODD. Regardless, I am not complaining, I clearly deserve having this time off after such a crazy year. 😀 I can finally read some books – I have actually not read a single novel for pleasure/leisure this whole year – WHAT is up with that. Definitely looking for some reading suggestions, I’m up for anything! I still can’t believe that I am going into second year in September… like WHAAAT – it makes me feel a bit old… I know of quite a few people that will be attending UBC as first years in September, and I am absolutely STOKED for them to experience what I experienced in the last eight months. 

How do I feel about being off for summer already? I don’t think it has COMPLETELY hit me yet — the longest that I have been away from UBC this year was just over 2 weeks, and that was back in December for Christmas break. It is quite a weird feeling knowing that I won’t be seeing people for some time..and just the other day, I was looking through pictures on Facebook that my friends had posted of first year, it really made me feel nostalgic – I just want to soak it all in SLOWLY, and extend the year as much as possible, you know? To all you incoming ‘freshmen’ – cherish every moment of your first year, it’s only 8 months long, that’s a lot shorter than a regular year in high school, so get out of your comfort zone, take opportunities to meet new people(drunk or sober – whichever works for you!), and just HAVE FUN!



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