YES! FIRST YEAR. IS OFFICIALLY OVER. This is so crazy. My last final was Physics — it was…’interesting’, some would say that it was probably the easiest thing they have done in their life. But I on the other hand, I don’t really like to say that an exam was really easy(that goes for ANY exam) 😛 

So what to do with my life..hmm. It’s such an odd feeling being here at university knowing that there is nothing that I HAVE to do (academically). This is truly FREEDOM. It has been an amazing past 8 months and I am incredibly sad to be leaving first year residence, but MARINE DRIVE HERE I COME NEXT YEAR! 😀 I’m planning on doing a first year overview kind of post – perhaps it will be helpful to the newcomers aka ‘Class of 2016’, PLUS it will be interesting to read later on in the future. Lots of people have been moving out of Vanier in the last few days, I’m not going to lie, it was depressing seeing people leave, even the ones that I don’t know — it marks an end, but yet a beginning. 




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