Two More Days Until First Year is OVER!

Yes. Two more days until first year is completely done with for me. Just a Physics exam separating me from summer. I’ve been seeing people moving out of residence since mid last week…and to be frankly honest, it’s suddenly all becoming so much REAL-er to me. First year is practically over…..people have been finished with exams for over a week now — super scary stuff. I love where everything is at right now with my life and I am going to miss my friends tremendously over the summer — although I sure hope that I will be able to see some of them during the summer! And the once September comes around — HELLO SECOND YEAR! I will definitely miss being a first year living on first year rez, a lot of my friends from residence are living off campus next year — kind of sad that I won’t be able to see them very often during second year. 😦 All this reminiscing and it being the end of the year just makes me want to hang out with all my friends instead of studying.. GRR. 

Physics 101- Monday. Not completely sure how I feel about this final, I just really want to finish off the year STRONG, I know that some people that have Physics as their last exam don’t even care…they just know that they’ll be DONE once it’s over. I on the other hand, DO want to do well on the exam, like I said… FINISH STRONG. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous the past few days and that’s a problem because I just feel like I want to enjoy the sun. UBC is beautiful when it’s sunny out. 

CLASS OF 2016 – I am TREMENDOUSLY excited on your behalf for you guys all starting first year at UBC in September – you will have a blast guaranteed! Judging by the search terms, that have led you to my blog – most of you are curious about residence life and which courses to take and such. I have a post about UBC Residence ( Totem vs. Vanier) so feel free to check it out, and as said before, if you have any questions about anything, be bold and ask!


On a COMPLETE side note — I have decided that once school is over with, I am going to get a Pinterest. I told myself that I would NOT get that, but after being on it the past few days, looking at other peoples ‘pins’, I was just so intrigued by it! #followingthecrowd  <– OH HASH TAG. 



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