My Universe….Will Never Be The Same…

Glad You Came – The Wanted ... I find that song to be quite enjoyable, although I didn’t really show much interest when that song first came out — but then again that’s how I ‘like’ some songs, I tend to dislike them when they first come out.. maybe it’s due to the fact that they’re overplayed? I’m not really sure. 

It was a GORGEOUS day out today, with the sun shining, and the sky blue-ing (blue skies is what  I’m trying to get at with that one). But unfortunately I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I wanted to. It has clearly been too long since my skin has seen sun…. I went outside and I could barely stand to stand in the sun because it was so hot! It’s kind of sad actually….finals are taking over. I don’t remember studying as much for December finals —- those marks sure reflected that. *oops!*  I was too busy playing Tetris Battle — that really did take up all my studying time back then(major timewaster), PLUS it was my first ever university finals season — I didn’t think they’d be as bad as they actually turned out to be. *sigh*  … AND …. it was almost Christmas time and I was more interested in socializing with people from my house because they still seemed ‘new’ and I knew I’d miss them over Christmas break, so I wanted to cherish every last bit I could before break —- kind of a mistake in the sense that more socializing happened than studying. Oh the mistakes young ones make. *tsk tsk* Well anyways, I’ve learned my lesson this time around. My Chemistry final is on Wednesday — and I’m practically LEARNING most of it, and then I have Biology as well next week — which I’m not going to lie, I’m slightly scared for, considering the midterm class averages….. maybe there will be room for scaling? I don’t know, I’m not going to rely on that, I’m going to just give it my all and try to excel. In 10 days I will be done with finals, and in 12 days I will be out of this place; mind blowing. 

I’m in a Taylor Swift mood right now — it’s when I just listen to Taylor Swift songs and feel like I can relate to them a lot more than usual. On another note, I’m quite surprised at how well I’ve kept up with the anonymosity (I most definitely just made that word up.) of this blog. I think about three people know about this blog, of which two of them go to this university, one being my roommate(not too surprising that she knows) — but it just intrigues me. Well back to studying. 



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