First Final Done And Over With.

So this morning — 8:30 a.m. was my first final exam of this finals season. Math 101. Did I conquer it like a beast? Ahhh…probably not as beastly as I wanted to conquer it…..BUT all in the same….I think I passed(or I sure hope I did!) I studied A LOT for that final…most people did because they weren’t in a very good position to begin with. But in the end we all know that a good amount of scaling will be happening…. *crosses fingers* 

Just two weeks until I’m out of residence, and back at home —- it’s a sad thought. I’m going to miss all the amazing people that I met this year, and I’m going to miss my ‘home away from home’ in residence..I just wish I could just come back in September and live in the same place with the same people. This year has been the best year of my life for sure, I’ve learned a lot of things through different experiences and coming to UBC was the best decision that I have ever made! I am thoroughly excited for all you new first years to have the time of your lives here! 

Anyways, backtracking a little bit….I was wanting to make a post over the weekend– but didn’t manage to find the time to unfortunately. BTW: The weather last weekend was GORGEOUS!!! So as I had said previously, Thursday was the AMS Block Party — it was a fun experience, although it was disappointing in the sense that if you were 18 you had to stand outside of the fence — only 19+ could be in front of the stage area…we were never told that…we were only informed of the fact that you had to be 19+ in order to have access to the beer garden (which makes sense because 19 is the LEGAL drinking age here). Many 18 year-olds left early — we had better things to do than watch our fellow 19+ people having all the fun. On the bright side — Friday was the Totem-Vanier ‘Beach, Please’ dance — let me tell you, I HAD A BLAST!!! BEST.DANCE.EVER. As the name of the dance suggests, it was beach themed, and they had an awesome DJ, beach balls, glow sticks, a photo booth, energy drinks, etc. It was SUPER fun and a FANTASTIC way to finish off the year before exams. TPRA and PVRA did NOT disappoint!  My house also had a year end barbecue last week, that was enjoyable and relaxing. I don’t really remember what I did on Saturday – I think I just studied Math — same goes with Sunday (although there was a lot of relaxing on Sunday), and the Monday and Tuesday I just did some major studying for Math. 

Today I am just going to relax a bit — and then maybe look into studying some Chemistry, I am completely lost with organic Chem — so I really have to catch up all of that stuff! 



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