Are You A Fool This April?

This weekend was a crazy one, FOR SURE!!! Starting on Friday night. Awesome times, ups and downs with emotions, but still it was great! I also saw the Hunger Games, definitely get out there and WATCH IT – that’s an order, by ME. It’s unbelievable to think that this was technically the ‘last’ weekend…of first year, because classes end on Thursday(WHAT?!!?!?!). And let me say something, today, the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS! I was expecting rain, but NO, it was purely sunny…but what was I doing? Inside….doing Math…webwork. Gross. Sigh. This week will be a busy, eventful week. Thursday, being the last day of classes, the AMS Block Party is happening (crossing my fingers that the weather will be FANTASTIC!)..this goes from 2pm-9pm. They are still selling tickets, except they have increased the price to $25(which is rather crazy in my opinion, considering the early bird tickets were $12.50). And then on Friday, is the Totem-Vanier Dance – ‘Beach, Please’ — if you didn’t catch it, the theme is BEACH! 

My roommate decided she wanted to play a little ‘April Fool’s’ joke on me this morning….I love her so much. It wasn’t anything much, she just made me feel super gullible. My friends and I wanted to play pranks, but we’re not allowed pranks in residence….that’s an evict-able offence….we’d rather go without being evicted right before exams(or evicted EVER)…hehe. Presidents + executive positions for next year have been elected in Vanier….I think the future Vanier kids will have something great to look forward to! BE EXCITED!



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