One Week Left….


The year is really coming to an end….a lot faster than I would like it to. And right now, I feel…’emotional’? Recently I haven become really close to some people that I was just ‘casual’ friends with at the beginning of the year. Sometimes things come up in our lives, and we get caught up in them…and we don’t realize how much we appreciate someone or something until it’s ‘too late’….or maybe it’s not ‘too late’….but we could have appreciated them/the thing much earlier. Does that make sense? And then at the same time, there really isn’t any point in ‘fretting’/having regrets about it….you just have to cherish the present, and look ahead instead of wasting time lingering in the past, thinking about ‘what if……’ It’s always those ‘what ifs’ that ruin us.  My advice to you…never waste time on one person that probably doesn’t think of you in the same that you think of them…there are so many others out there. And sometimes, stuff happens, stuff that we don’t want happening……but just think, sometimes, it really is for the best. Remember, life goes on. Thank you. ❤


….I understand that this could potentially come across as complete nonsense, but sometimes things just need to be let out. 



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