Hey there! It has been too long. But on the bright side, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, spring is in full bloom! Less than 2 weeks left of school? CRAZYSTUFF. This is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. I can’t believe that it’s all over… Living here in first year residence has been an utter and complete BLAST, and I’m going to miss it so much. I just want to focus on cherishing the last few weeks here, instead of just focusing on how much I’m going to miss everything and everyone (which regardless, is true.). It seems that as the year is wrapping up, people are getting more drunk on the weekends, haha!

There are so many things going on now that the year is ending. Yesterday was the RUBIX CUBE dance, which was an inter-faculty dance, I think that was a wicked cool idea for a dance…especially one at the end of the year! Let’s hope that this is a new tradition, and keeps going in the years to come. –And in saying that, I did not get a chance to go to the dance, but the people that I talked to that DID go to the dance said that it was really fun! Tonight at Place Vanier, we have our year end formal(dinner), and GALA. The GALA is just a year end slide show of pictures and some performances and they give out awards to certain residents that have been particularly outstanding. Today Totem Park Residence is having their LipDub, which I think is super awesome, considering UBC as a whole did one approximately a year ago, and it was SUPERB! I’m quite certain that many students in first year this year got turned on by that LipDub. PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS — CHECK IT OUT—-THIS VIDEO IS A BEAUT.  

The year end dance between Totem and Vanier is coming up soon as well! SO EXCITED. It’s a beach themed dance — we’ll see how THAT goes. 😉 And oh yeah! Other things going on in residence right now….. ELECTIONS! What are they? Well! People are campaigning to be presidents of houses next year, and VP and President of residences as well! There are a lot of people that I know that are running for different positions around Vanier, I’m kind of sad that I won’t be able to see these people in action next year as part of residence (considering I am not living in first year residence next year, UNLESS I am lucky enough to get a call back to become an RA..in Vanier…which would be SOOOOO AMAZING!).

STORM THE WALL — IS TOMORROW!!! I can’t believe how beautifully the weather turned out to be, and it’s supposed to be like this until Monday. Anyways, storm the wall is a relay type of thing….you are in teams of about 5 people, one sprinter, one runner, one cyclist, one swimmer, and a wall person. The final one is storming the wall, where all your teammates have to get over a 12 foot high wall. It is the biggest campus event in North America, it’s a MUST SEE event! I cannot wait, and I hope to be able to take part in Storm the Wall at some point during my UBC ‘career’, I slightly regret not doing it this year, but I am equally excited to just SEE people doing it!! 😀 



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