HECTICITY! I’m still alive!

Hi there. It has been a while…once again…sorry. Lately, I feel like everything has just been busy….signs that the year is slowly wrapping up…. YIKES! BUSY BUSY BUSY. Anyways, what’s new you ask? Hmm.Math  exam, in a few days…am I ready? Naaaah. :O 

Music obsession: He Is We … genre: alternative/pop. I love her voice, it’s so raspy but soft..does that make any sense? You need to hear it to understand. Favourite songs by them, All About Us (ft Owl City) and Happily Ever After.

What is UBC up to these days? http://www.peekedinterest.com/photo_page?day=15&month=03&year=2012&region=UBC&index=0  PeekedInterest, is a newly created website…and it is what is sounds like…. ‘peeking’ at people that you are interested in, and then posting them online. It’s like the pictorial version of LikeALittle (which I have talked about in a previous post). My opinions on this… uhm WHAT ON EARTH HAS UBC BEEN GETTING ITSELF INTO?!!?! Although, you DO need a ubc email address in order to be able to post anything, but absolutely anyone can SEE the actual pictures. I think that it is QUITE creepy…that’s just my honest opinion. 


Math: Hmmm……..what exactly is going on? Integration –> infinite series and sums and stuff? What’s that? :S …Date with Math this weekend. 

Physics: I have had just about ENOUGH with waves!! One can only learn SO much about WAVES! Although, I will admit, I did quite poorly on the midterm, the class average was only 55% …which is a very low average. But if we do better on the final (which I HAVE to do well on!) the midterm will be ignored…thank God! The physics lab exams are being held this week…it was interesting…that’s for sure. Heh.

Chemistry: I miss Physical Chemistry. 😦 Dr.Addison, was the BEST! And Organic Chem is just something completely different to what I’m used to…and it’s QUITE dense…I really need to get a good grasp on it…after my math midterm, full on Chem cramming. The labs aren’t too bad in this course, they are quite a bit of work..but they are actually really interesting, and you actually work with partners for MOST of the labs! 🙂 

Biology: I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AN ‘EASY’ COURSE?! what happened? Ecology-Genetics-Evolution… GAAAHHH!!!!! As you can tell, this is going so well…. NOT. I just want it to end already! The midterm average for most sections, including my own section, was about mid 50s. 

6 thoughts on “HECTICITY! I’m still alive!

  1. What’s even creepier: seeing yourself on that website. :d

    Integration is gross. :c

    If you think O-chem is dense now, you’re going to be very shocked with CHEM 233… it makes the content from CHEM 123 seem like nothing ._. O-chem’s pretty fun though after you understand some of the mechanisms… it’s more drawing “pictures” instead of reading/writing text or making lots of calculations.

    I heard about BIOL 121, I didn’t think it would be that bad this year LOL?

    • I’m scared Carly!!! O-Chem…UGH! I don’t really like the whole ‘drawing pictures’ thing.. I prefer reading/writing text and making calculations haha. And Bio 121 is baaaad!! You had Bole didn’t you? He’s a great prof, his exams are just hard… 😦

      You lived in Haida last year didn’t you? Totem’s doing a LipDub! 😛

      • Yeah, even if I like drawing mechanisms, I find Chemistry difficult too… especially with all the different reactions I’m supposed to remember… I think I have about 40-50 to remember for my Chem final this term, maybe even more -.-;; waaaaay worse than CHEM 233 lol

        Yep I had Dr. Bole… he was okay IMO, pretty active on VISTA (unlike most of the profs xD) His exams were pretty challenging. I think they would have been better with an extra hour LOL, but that’s UBC for ya

        :O whattt first year house lipdubs?! Niceeeee, too bad it didn’t happen last year lol :c

    • I miss Physical Chemistry..and my prof from physical chem. I find Dr. Bole great as a Prof, he’s very interactive, and he’s charismatic — it’s just his exams that are an utter bother. Haha. Yeah! First year house lipdubs….UBCs gone wild, haha. Totem and all its spirit. 😛 Guess you were a year too early. Are you coming back to UBC this September? or in 2013?

      • ahh that’s awesome that you got it here! 🙂

        out of curiosity, would you by chance have any last minute tips for me for my bio 121 final…it’s on Friday, and anything would be great, considering I need to do stellar-ly well on this final.. hehe. THANKS.


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